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Chuck Lincoln's Corner

The mission for CLC is to continue the legacy of Coach Chuck Lincoln by empowering and redirecting participants through boxing. The sport of Boxing teaches discipline, crucial thinking, tolerance, patience, accountability and will keep you physically fit. These are necessary tools that CLC participants will practice to help them set and achieve goal while becoming healthy contributing members of their communities. CLC is a amateur boxing organization for ages 8-18, dedicated to bringing youth to their greatness.
CLC's goal is to provide programs in a positive environment to urban our youth at no cost while assisting with education, equipment and any fees associated with the amateur boxing community.
CLC welcomes all young people with open arms and open hearts, treating them with dignity and the respect they deserve.
CLC will serve as the corner man for urban youth by assisting in developing and "knocking out" the challenges they will face in life. We will provide an atmosphere that will help them achieve success in life.
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