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NWMC Chiropractic and Massage, LLC

NW Medical Center provides hope, restores health and improves lives through chiropractic care. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions. We care for and restore health to members of our community, naturally, without drugs or surgery. We strive to provide symptom relief while correcting the root cause of the problem.Some auto accident injuries are hidden and are seldom detected for months or even years later. As a result, when an injury is not taken care of properly, the accident victim settle their case with the insurance company before getting evaluated from a Doctor trained in soft tissue injuries. Even if you are just sore, you should get checked out immediately because you may experience pain, numbness, headaches, muscle stiffness, fatigue, and other problems including arthritis many months down the road.Remember, nothing is more important than your health, especially when you start to lose it.


"No Wait Policy". All of our patients are seen immediately.

Friendly and courteous staff.

Professional but comfortable atmosphere.

Large private treatment rooms.

Convenient location.

Secondary evaluations/opinions.

M.D. and Attorney referrals available upon request.

Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork.

10249 NE Clackamas St,

Portland, OR 97220

Phone: (503) 206-6078

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